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My beautiful image How I love you In your total unreality Filtered through A hundred lenses Of need and hope Guilded with dreams Moulded as a shield Against fear Against uncertainty Never undervalue Or underestimate The rarity of safety What precious lengths Can be called upon To secure this So precious jewel Was it offered…

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sky to ceiling

water pearls lights 1 lighthouse jean-guicharddotcom

darkness beckons
whispering of peace
that is oblivion
only there’s no
in that soundlessness

hope is brittle
when harshly set against
may be, maybe
that could be anything
but bad dreams

nutshells aside
forks in the road
can look eyre-bleak
without howling moors
greying the sky to ceiling.

infinity, vast
or so it is written
lies quietly await

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Iris Moore

Hello, you lovely people. I know I’ve been neglecting this space rather cruelly, but I finally, finally found the time to experiment again. The following is an attempt – really, just that – at historical fiction. I have no idea where it’s going, so bear with me. This is the first part, there is more to come, and I hope it’s at least mildly entertaining. Merci for reading!


Pacific Northwest,…

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Iris Moore, Part II

Iris Moore, Part II

Her situation was not favourable. Mrs. Whitney, who liked to write her long letters, had suggested Iris move to New York. It was true that her own daughters had no longer need for her excellent services, but one could certainly find a family who would be very glad to have Iris. She could make no promises, but Iris should consider the offer. And being such a pretty young lady, Mrs. Whitney was…

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Iris Moore, Part III

Iris Moore, Part III

The MCA pamphlets said that five copies would be made of Iris’ application form and sent to those men whose likes and tastes most matched her own. If these showed no success, the MCA would progress with those who had slight deviations and so on until an eligible match was found. One was to expect at least three weeks’ time for an answer from the MCA, and guaranteed both a personal letter and a…

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Iris Moore, Part IV

Iris Moore, Part IV

More than a week passed before the answering letter came. By the time she saw the envelope lying square on her little room’s floor, Iris was already convinced that her reply had been too short and mean for Mr. O’Brian to answer it. She had been courteous and written to both Kenneth H. Williams and Trevor Bowden, thanking them for their letters, though, regrettably, she could not continue their…

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Iris Moore, Part V

Iris Moore, Part V

Christian O’Brian’s answer came five days later, just as Iris found out that she had only two more weeks to stay in her room before Mrs. Norman, the proprietor’s wife, would have to ask her to leave the premises. Mrs. Norman could no longer keep Iris on such a low rent without Mr. Norman noticing. Though Mrs. Norman took care of the business of finding suitable lodgers, it was Mr. Norman who…

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