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Powerball Jackpot Springs To $625 Million–The Fourth Largest In History

CHICAGO (CBS)–No winner has come forward after Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, bringing the jackpot up to $625 million.

Yesterday’s Powerball jackpot was $550 million. According to statistics from Powerball.net, which collects data from recent drawings, the most common Powerball numbers are 21, 9, 13, 25 and 24.

Since no one bought a lucky ticket, the Powerball has grown to become the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot in history.

That drawing will be held Saturday night.

If you haven’t checked your tickets from Wednesday night’s drawing, they are: 10-14-50-53-63, Powerball: 21.

The largest jackpot in history was a $1.6 billion Powerball won in 2016.




Powerball Grows To $625 Million After No Winners In Latest Drawing

(CNN) — Bad news: No one won Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing.

Good news: Now you have a chance at an even bigger jackpot.

There were no winners in the drawing on Wednesday night, so the next drawing will be Saturday.

But instead of the previous jackpot of $550 million, Powerball says there will be an estimated $625 million up for grabs. That makes it the fourth largest Powerball in history and the seventh largest in US lottery history, according to a news release from the Multi-State Lottery Association.

According to Powerball’s website, if you were to stack the jackpot in $100 bills, it would reach a height between that of One World Trade Center in New York City and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Sure, your odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 292,201,338. But there are longer shots.

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Massive Powerball Jackpot Triggers Buying Frenzy In Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing caused a buying frenzy across the Bay Area as players sought to strike on an estimated jackpot of $550 million.

Powerball jackpot (CBS)

The winning numbers were drawn at 8 p.m.: 10-14-50-53-63-Power-21.

According to CBS News, no winning tickets bought on Wednesday matched all six winning numbers, so the jackpot for Saturday night’s Powerball drawing will be at least $625 million. This marks the fourth time the jackpot has been over $600 million.

The cash payout option will be at least an estimated $380.6 million.

The pot has been building since the end of December, when the Powerball jackpot was last awarded to a winner. There have been over 20 drawings with no one selecting the six lucky numbers.

The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

Most Common Powerball Numbers Drawn: Jackpot Hits $550 Million

CHICAGO (CBS) — As the jackpot climbs to $550 million with no winner claiming the Powerball prize, here are the most common numbers drawn.

According to statistics from Powerball.net, which collects data from recent drawings, the most common Powerball numbers are 21, 9, 13, 25 and 24.

Those are based on statistics from 360 drawings since the Oct. 7, 2015, when the main ball pool increased from 59 to 69 and the Powerball pool reduced from 35 to 26.

The most common winning main numbers are 64, 32, 28, 23, and 69,.

The least common winning Powerball numbers are 14, 2, 23, 4 and 5. The least commonly drawn main numbers are 35, 46, 65, 4 and 34, according to Powerball.net.

Powerball hopefuls have until 9 p.m. Wednesday night to purchase a ticket for the $550 million prize.

It’s the eighth largest prize in the game’s history.




Tonight’s Powerball Drawing Reaches $448 Million

CHICAGO (CBS)–There was no winner in the Powerball jackpot drawing for $414 million Saturday night, so the potential winnings continue to grow.

The next drawing, tonight, will be worth $448 million.

One $2 million ticket and two $1 million tickets and were winners in the last drawing, but no one hit the jackpot.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million, the lottery says.