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Quick Fix – Issue #83

Quick Fix – Issue #83

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! We hope you enjoy!

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The LLLRanting Family ♥

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The Failing 111

In the UK, we have two phone numbers to call when there is a medical situation – 999 and 111.
999 is our emergency number – if you need to contact the police, fire brigade or request an ambulance – 999 is the number to call. However, 111 was introduced in 2015 to handle the non-emergency demand.
But, what is classed as a non-emergency? Well, according to the NHS, Suicide isn’t an emergency. This…

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The Saviour Complex

What is the Saviour Complex? A Saviour Complex is when someone suggests that being with their partner saved them, fixed their problems, and got rid of (or cured) their depression.

And, as most of you will know, that is complete bullshit.

Why is it bullshit? Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

  • People cannot cure depression – the mental disorder that is depression is incurable. People cannot cure…

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12. Vegan Bubble and Squeak (GF/DF)

12. Vegan Bubble and Squeak (GF/DF)

Ingredients Required (1)This is a quick piece that can be used as part of a meal or as a meal. Here are the ingredients (list to the left).


  1. Peel and dice your potatoes before adding them to a pan of water and boiling until soft. Once soft, drain and mash. While mashing, add the soya butter to give the mash a creamy texture.
  2. Heat up each portion of vegetables in a microwavable bowl, in the microwave, for 5-7…

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Happy Fridays: Our Instincts

Happy Fridays: Our Instincts

As animals, we all have instincts and although it doesn’t seem like we use them, we actually use our instincts every day.

Instincts can be habits or just behaviour that you continue while doing certain things. So, here are a few examples:

  • When meeting a new person, you will use probe questions in order to figure out when you like the person or not. However, you may also automatically dislike…

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5 Fail Videos That Make Me Giggle

5 Fail Videos That Make Me Giggle

Today has been rough. Not because of people, or because of college, but because of a part of Just Another Number that I just wrote.

And as a result, I’ve had to watch anything to make me laugh.

So, here are five videos I’ve enjoyed this morning:

I hope they made you laugh as they did for me.

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Medication and Mental Illness

Medication and Mental Illness

Warning: This article talks about Medication Stigma. If this may upset you, please skip this article or proceed with caution.

Society likes to make people think that mental illness isn’t a problem and that it can’t be treated. Well, that’s bullshit.

As our knowledge of mental illness advances, more and more treatments are becoming available – however, people continue to shame those who decide to…

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My Healthy Living Guide

My Healthy Living Guide

Healthy living is incredibly important. Not just for your physical health, but also for your mental health!

Studies have shown that what we eat can really affect our brains which is why people suffering from Coeliac disease will become aggravated easily due to their gluten intake.

So, my first tip to healthy living – have a balanced diet! I’m not saying stop eating Carbs, or Pizza. I’m saying eat…

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Young Carers and Mental Health

Young Carers and Mental Health

A study in Scotland has identified that young carers are more likely to have mental health issues in comparison to their peers. The issues are majoritively stress relative, leading to sleep deprivation.

And when people ask why these young carers are having these issues, the answer is: They do it alone. Meaning, they have no time away from the stress of being a carer and with the incapability of…

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01. Shopping Top Tips (25/01/17)

01. Shopping Top Tips (25/01/17)

For a healthy life style, you need to have certain things in your diet. It is different for everyone due to allergies. But its the same concept.

These tips are for people within the UK, I would write them for other countries too – but I can’t get onto websites to research, let alone go to another country to check out their store – hopefully one day we will be able to produce a European or…

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