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IMG_7426IMG_7430Even though our local bear reliably shows up sometime in the first week of April, I am reluctant to take the feeders in. Well, he/she is right on schedule, having paid us a visit last night. So ends bird feeding for another season.

To help compensate, the almost-full moon looks beautiful tonight…

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In A Vase On Monday – Snowdrops

In A Vase On Monday – Snowdrops

As you can see, we still have snow! Four inches of ‘mixed’ precipitation fell on Friday into Saturday as Mother Nature played her April Fool’s joke. However, it is melting rapidly on this sunny day, where our high is 47F (8C). While this may not sound warm to many of you, it is downright balmy to us!

Placed into the mushy snow on the deck railing, I’ve filled my little pineapple vase with…

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The Tuesday View March 21

The Tuesday View March 21

Just wanted to show why I’m still not posting any spring flower photos. As you can see, it’ll be a while yet.

With a nod to Cathy at Words and Herbs, who hosts a weekly meme of photos taken of the same garden over the course of the growing season to note its evolution.

Below are some of the last year’s views for full circle comparison. It’s interesting to note that last year, spring’s arrival was…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

img_7109My little collection of Valentine’s Day cheer – a purple primrose, forced pink hyacinths and the second bloom on the white amaryllis, along with a small fragrant bouquet of clove-scented stock and white carnations, pink spray roses and wax flower. Life is good!img_7112

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