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VIDEO: Livermore Star Wars Crop Circle Awaits The Rebel Alliance

LIVERMORE (CBS SF) — Call it the Star Wars ‘if you built it, they will come’ moment for a Livermore boy and his father.

Etched into a rural field lays a 200-foot beacon for any wayward Star Wars Rebel Alliance X-wing fighter that may need a safe port of call in the Bay Area.

Well, at least that’s the hope of 6th grader Will Mullen.

In a moment of inspiration and filled with Star Wars mania, Matt and his father, Mark, spent hours etching an unique crop circle in the shape of a Rebel Alliance insignia in the field.

“We welcome members of the Rebel Alliance and any X-wings to land here in our backyard,” Will told the San Jose Mercury News. “We are still waiting.”

Over a span of a several days, the pair used a GPS plotter, a plow and a disc to create the now familiar shape, but for the most part it has remained hidden from the view of their neighbors.

You see from the ground level, it simply is invisible. But for passengers arriving on flights into Oakland International Airport, a glance of the window reveals an amazing sight.

“You can’t make out the shape from the ground,” Mark Mullen told the paper.

Mark Mullen is a pilot so he and Matt have been able to view their labor of love from the air.

Political Leaders Who Wag the Dog

Political Leaders Who Wag the Dog

I’ve been thinking a lot about humiliation and the risks that are taken to avoid it. In the West, we certainly live in a culture that prides itself on a politics of humiliation. On TV there are a parade of humiliation shows, such as The Apprentice, Average Joe, Big Brother, where the goal of the show is to exalt a winner by humiliating the losers; “judging [others] dismissively is the name of the…

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Pinkwashed: It Gets Better Project Is Thinking in Pink

Pinkwashed: It Gets Better Project Is Thinking in Pink

  1. Again.

I went to an incredible event Wednesday night put on by QuAIA(Queers Against Israeli Aparteid) that focused on a little-known practice for some of us called Pinkwashing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, the word has been gaining celebrity lately throughout academic and activist realms because pinkwashing is being linked to a host of unethical goings on about town around…

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“Song of the Night is definitely Rape Me By Nirvana”: The Steubenville Rape Trial

“Song of the Night is definitely Rape Me By Nirvana”: The Steubenville Rape Trial

rapeisOk, a confession. I am supposed to be finishing up my dissertation right now. But, I cannot. After waking up and reading the assortment of articles on the rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio I have no ability to write in academic ways about emotions, or craft a works cited that has perfect MLA style because my own feelings about this case, and the ways in which rape are being discussed in 2013 are…

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