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Let’s talk about your happy place.

Hello everyone! I was actually blessed to join this blog roughly 3 months ago, and I was too shy to honestly step out of my bubble. I’m proud to say I’m ready to say hello and welcome! Starting a blog is the best journey I’ve ever traveled and I can’t wait to keep climbing. I…

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Happy Birthday Jenny in Neverland 

Around this time 4 years ago, Jenny in Neverland was born. 4 flipping years ago. First of all, I can’t believe I’ve stuck at something for so long; I was notoriously known in school for picking up a hobby, being totally engrossed for a month then the novelty wore right off. Flute, piano, dancing, drama, art – you name it. But this isn’t school anymore and this isn’t just a hobby anymore and I had…

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An Interview With Jane Fallon, (author of My Sweet Revenge)

An Interview With Jane Fallon, (author of My Sweet Revenge)

My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon was my first read of 017; and what a read it was! I recently reviewed it here, if you want to check out my review but I am also thrilled to bring you a little interview with Jane today on my blog! We’re talking inspiration, dream cast members and writing advice.


1. Hi Jane, welcome to Jenny in Neverland and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions…

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