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New Operator For Quarry Park Adventures Announced, Opening Date Coming Soon

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A new operator for Quarry Park Adventures has been approved by the Rocklin City Council.

Adventure Operations, LLC will be the new operator of the park. Per the contract, the city and Adventure Operations will split revenue 50-50, and the park will be open seven days a week.

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Previously sold pre-paid tickets, season passes and gift cards will be honored. The operator is in a three-year partnership and a 120-day termination option.

The opening date has not yet been announced but is expected this spring.

The City of Rocklin filed a lawsuit against the former Quarry Park Adventures operator, Legacy Family Adventures and David Busch in February. The lawsuit alleges fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and breach of contract, among other claims.

The city said all previously purchased tickets and passes sold by Legacy Family Adventures will be honored at the park. Those who had booked events or parties with the previous operator should email QPAInfo@rocklin.ca.us.

Quarry Park Adventures opened in October after months of delays.

Rocklin Police To Increase Patrol After Adults Try To Lure Elementary Student Into Car

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Police are investigating an incident where three adults attempted to lure a Breen Elementary School student into their car Wednesday afternoon.

While walking home from school Wednesday, an 11-year-old girl was reportedly approached by a grey four-door sedan occupied by three subjects.

The driver was described as a white male in his 20s. The front passenger was a white female in her 20s, and the back-seat passenger was a white male in his 20s with a short full beard, brown hair, and brown eyes in black clothing.

The rear passenger reportedly rolled down his window and repeatedly told the girl to get into the car. The girl quickly walked away to her house but heard the female yell something at her as she walked away.

READRocklin City Sues Former Operator Of Quarry Park Adventures For Breach Of Contact, Fraud

The young girl made it home safely and police are investigating the situation.

Rocklin Police said they will have extra officers in the area Thursday before and after school.

If you, or anyone you know, has information regarding this incident or is a witness and can provide further information, please contact the Rocklin Police Department at 916-625-5400.

Whitney High Student Arrested After Gun Post On Snapchat

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A student was arrested after posting a handgun, magazine and ammunition to social media with what police described as a threatening tone.

Rocklin Police say the Whitney High School student didn’t attend school on Tuesday, so they went to the student’s home to follow up the investigation.

Officers found the gun featured in the student’s Snapchat post, which was unloaded at the time.

The student was arrested and booked into juvenile hall.

Classes went on as scheduled at Whitney High School on Tuesday.

Rocklin Mom Suing Papa Murphy’s Over Son’s Illness

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Watching your child get sick may be the hardest part of being a parent.

Taylor Fitzgerald felt helpless as she watched her 6-year-old son come down with a life-threatening illness linked to E.Coli. It’s called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

“It really started destroying his red blood cells and attacking his kidney so he went into acute kidney failure and required four blood transfusions…. You have to sit and wait and hope… flipped our world upside down in every single way,” she said.

She says it all started on April 10, when they went to Papa Murphy’s in Rocklin and took home pizza and a salad, without realizing there was a nationwide E. Coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce.

“A 6-year-old tends not to eat a lot of salad so we knew exactly where he ate the romaine lettuce and we know he’s a genetic match to the outbreak – he’s counted by the CDC,” said Seattle-based attorney Bill Marler who’s representing Fitzgerald and dozens of others sickened by the deadly outbreak in six states.

Marler is suing Papa Murphy’s for unspecified damages, because the real goal he says, is to work his way backward to find out who supplied the restaurants with the lettuce.

“Because until we know what caused the outbreak, were never gonna know what to do to prevent the next one,” he said.

In a statement, the pizza chain said in part, “immediately upon hearing the announcement by the CDC on April 13, and out of an abundance of caution, we directed our system to remove product from our stores and inventory.”

Fitzgerald’s son was already sick.

“I didn’t realize E. Coli was that severe,” she said.

Now she hopes her story will serve as a warning for parents to be careful.

“You think you’re walking into a restaurant and doing a safe thing by feeding your child a salad that can … really end up being life-threatening,” she said.

Doctors say it’ll take months for her son to recover.

But he’ll still need to undergo periodic brain scans to make sure there’s no long-term effect from the infection.

As for the romaine lettuce, the CDC says it’s safe to eat again.

12-Year-Old Speaks Out Against Racism, Bullying At Rocklin School

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A 12-year-old Rocklin boy is speaking out on issues of bullying and racism at his elementary school.

The student addressed the Rocklin school board Wednesday night after his family says a number of incidents were not handled appropriately.

“I want there to be a policy where there’s no hate speech and bullying at Rocklin schools; it’s not fair,” said Daniel Pocklington.

Daniel bravely took to the podium Wednesday night begging the school board to listen.

“I’m here to talk about what it’s like to be an African American boy in your school. I’ve been hit, chased, thrown down, and called the N-word several times this year.”

“It’s hard for me to find a safe way to go to school and actually feel important. It keeps happening and I don’t feel safe, or that it will get better,” he said.

Daniel was adopted at birth and now at 12 years old, he’s a fifth-grader at Rock Creek Elementary. His family says he gets good grades, is part of student council and on the school’s cross country track team. But his school life has been tough

“Someone just left a note on my desk again with the N-word. And it makes me think, why does this keep happening to me, like what have I done to people to make them do this to me,” said Daniel.

He says on a number of occasions he’s been bullied, thrown down, kicked and called racial slurs.

“It felt really bad, it felt like you got shot right through the heart. It felt like you didn’t mean anything in the world,” he said.

“He said ‘This is what life is gonna be for me, Mom, and I can’t accept that,’” said Daniel’s mother Adrien Pocklington.

Pocklington says she’s tried speaking with the district and the school’s principal.

“He said he was handling it, that they were doing one-day in-school suspension and I said that’s not enough, that’s not teaching my child that he matters and that the school isn’t gonna tolerate it,” said Pocklington.

Daniel says he speaking up because it hurts more to hold it in and he knows there are other students feeling the same way but too afraid to speak up.

“I feel like my friends deserve a better way to go to school and feel safe,” he said.

And that strength earned him a standing ovation Wednesday night at the school board meeting.

“They’re not being held accountable, if your punishment isn’t working, change your punishment. If we don’t start now they’re not gonna have the confidence or strength to stand up for themselves,” said Daniels mother.

The Rocklin school district released this statement:

We are aware of instances regarding offensive behavior at one of our elementary schools. Each allegation was addressed immediately with an investigation and appropriate disciplinary actions taken when appropriate. Following the final instance, the principal met that day with all 5th grade students to speak seriously about a variety of related topics including tolerance and acceptance. The Rocklin Unified School District is a place where we build people up and celebrate each other, and embrace our diversity. We will continue to work together with all our families, students and staff to reach that aim.

Rocklin Turns Hole In The Ground Into Quarry Park Adventures

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – What do you do on a five-acre lot in downtown Rocklin with a giant hole in the ground? Well, if you’re the city of Rocklin, you build an adventure park.

“That’s the best part about this,” said Phil MacDougall, vice president of marketing at Quarry Park Adventures. “There’s nothing like this in the United States!”

Construction began last summer and developers say they’re almost ready to open the doors. Tucked away on Rocklin Road, the park will feature family-friendly attractions on the site of an old historic quarry. Attractions include a lake with paddleboats, a ropes course, vertical climbing, a giant free fall, and swing.

At Kids’ Kove, children can experience 30 different challenge elements including climbing nets, zip lines, and balance beams. And behind it, there’s a boulder maze.

Another area requires harness training for older kids and adults. It features three zip lines traveling 30 miles per hour, 700 feet in the air.

“I couldn’t be more excited about it!” MacDougall said.

The Rocklin Road quarry is more than 150 years old. In fact, some of the granite from the area was used to build the state Capitol. And the park has plans to incorporate a piece of that history into each attraction.

Mike Young, a spokesperson for the city of Rocklin, says the park will also be an economic boost for the city.

“Just the park itself is bringing in over 100 jobs,” he said. “Quarry Park Adventures will actually be the only park in the city of Rocklin that brings in revenue.”

And after a two-year effort from the city to plan and design the park, Young says he’s happy construction is in the home stretch.

“Whenever it opens, it’s going be a great activity for residents, for visitors,” he said. “Really creating a sense of place here in the historic district of Rocklin!”

Daily passes will be available for $39.99 for adults when the park opens sometime this summer. The outdoor amphitheater will have its first concert of the summer on June 16.

And the city hopes the park will soon attract new businesses to pop up nearby.

Suspect Caught After Leading Deputies On Chase Near Rocklin

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – The latest on a suspect search near Rocklin:

8:30 a.m.

Deputies say the man has been caught.

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the man ran during a traffic stop a little after 4:30 a.m.

With the help of K9s and the CHP helicopter, the man was caught a little after 8 a.m.

Deputies are still searching the area for the gun he was reportedly carrying.

7:15 a.m.

A search is on for a suspect who jumped out of a car after a chase near Rocklin on Tuesday morning.

The chase ended near the Ace Hardware Distribution Center on Industrial Avenue, just west of Rocklin.

Placer County sheriff’s deputies are in the area. The suspect may be armed, deputies say.

The distribution center was on a brief lockdown due to the nearby incident.

California Teens Unravel Florida High School Threat

ROCKLIN(CBS13) – A pair of Whitney High School students reported a threat they saw on the internet and it may have stopped a school shooting in Florida.

“Who alerted authorities? Well, it was someone from California,” read the news anchor on their school’s local broadcast.

Seniors Buster Carlson and Jacob Halley, who are being hailed as heroes, hit the airways at Whitney High Friday morning.

Their very own school’s WCTV19 breaking the news.

“My whole class gave me a round of applause,” Buster said.

The teens went online after the deadly shooting in the Bay Area last week at YouTube.

They were specifically scrolling for comments on the song, “Pumped up kicks.”

“It’s about a demented kid that fantasizes about shooting up a school,” Buster said.

That’s when they saw this.

“It literally quoted Nicholas Cruz, I want to become a professional school shooter,” Jacob said.

The school is just five miles away from the Parkland campus where a deadly massacre took place in ‘Februarys deadly school massacre.

“It was serious enough for us to report,” Jacob said.

“Right away when I saw it I knew it was serious,” Buster added. “You don’t post that and I actually mean it. It was a direct threat and had to be taken care of.”

Buster called Florida Police and Jacob contacted the FBI.

“We didn’t hear anything about it until the reports came out that they arrested the kid,” Jacob said.

It was featured on every major news outlet in Florida.

“A Coral Spring high school student under arrest after allegedly threatening to shoot up his school in a posting on YouTube,” said a CBS news anchor.

The seniors were blown away.

“All the article said was a tip from California and we knew it was us. It had to be because it was such a hard thing to find on the Internet.” Jacob said.

Police arrested the teen and said firearms were found locked up in his father’s home.

“You know the way to stop these needs to stop them beforehand, not everybody gets that opportunity, so I’m glad we did,” Buster said.

And their parents say the boys did this on their own.

“Pretty proud I have to admit. Pretty proud,” Buster’s dad said.

“Very excited. I think it’s well deserved for both of them,” Jacob’s mom added.

The high school seniors aren’t even looking for praise, just doing what is right.

“This is probably the biggest thing that I’ve done in my life,” Buster said.

“Same here,” Jacob added.

A Florida teen remains in custody charged with making threats against a school, a second-degree felony.

Two-Vehicle Crash Kills 1, Injures 3 In Rocklin

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Police and firefighters are on the scene of a fatal two-vehicle collision in a residential area of Rocklin.

The incident happened in the area of Springview and Willowynd drives. One person was killed and three others were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries after an SUV collided with a Mitsubishi Eclipse, according to a statement from the Rocklin Police Department.

dashos2uwaani1m Two Vehicle Crash Kills 1, Injures 3 In Rocklin

A witness says all four of the victims were inside Eclipse. He says two of them were unresponsive and one was asking for help. He says he helped pry door and render aid to one of the men.

dasirocu8aajopn Two Vehicle Crash Kills 1, Injures 3 In Rocklin

Traffic is closed in both directions and drivers are being told to avoid the area.


Police: Possible Mountain Lion Sighting In Rocklin Was Just Large House Cat

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – A report of a mountain lion in Rocklin turned out to be just a cat.

Police say, last Friday, they got a call about a mountain lion sighting near Rocklin High School during the lunch hour. The sighting prompted a precautionary lockdown at the school.

Officers and animal control couldn’t find any trace of a lion.

Video later revealed that the animal was just a large house cat.

Police say they encourage residents to continue to report sightings so that officers can properly determine any potential risk to the community.