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Scars & Filters

Some days are difficult and yet I have grown to love and accept myself. However, I have days when I look at myself in the mirror and I can see the battle scars from the years of emotional and mental battles that have taken there toll. I see them in my eyes, skin, hands, legs, and entire body. My…

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I don’t want children. But my stretch marks are still beautiful.

I don’t want children. But my stretch marks are still beautiful.

Image via Instagram, @LoveYourLines.

Stretch marks. Those tiny and sometimes not so tiny pink lightning bolts that adorn most of our bodies. They signify life. They signify change. And often, they signify you’ve created. We have all seen those posts praising women for their post-baby bodies, proudly showcasing their stretch marks and soft bellies—and that’s absolutely fantastic. I am utterly…

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