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Day 154

Sobriety isn’t boring or scary or awful. It’s medium. It’s a balance between the 3AM self-hatred, and the 6PM seduction. It’s safe and patient and readily available. I don’t have to plan it, or pay for it, or even long for it.

SNL’s Pete Davidson Shares Sobriety Via Social Media

SNL’s Pete Davidson Shares Sobriety Via Social Media

NEW YORK (RADIO ALICE) – If you’re a Saturday Night Live fan, you may have noticed comedian Pete Davidson has been missing in some of the sketches. Davidson has sobered up and is recovering from a drug addiction. He is happy to say he has quit the drugs and is “happy and sober for the first time in 8 years.”

Davidson recently posted his announcement via Instagram:
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The youngest member of the ‘SNL’…

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Our brief interaction could have been scripted for the prelude of a cheap porno. A man was literally in my apartment to fix my pipes. I fought the urge to laugh while I sat on my sofa with a cup of coffee. He toiled in my laundry room, moving the washer and dryer away from…

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