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For Charulata and The Broken Home: A Roseate Sonnet

For Charulata and The Broken Home: A Roseate Sonnet

Note: A roseate sonnet, dedicated to the beautiful, lonely, vulnerable and literary soul of Charulata, the heroine of Rabindranath Tagore’s magnum opus novella ‘Nastanirh’ (which had been filmed by Satyajit Ray, the Oscar-winning filmmaker as ‘Charulata’), the lovelorn soul who seeks love, acceptance and validation from both her husband Bhupati, and realizes the irony of her twisted fate towards…

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C’était à Amboise, en Touraine, en France

C’était à Amboise, en Touraine, en France


There t’was in Amboise, in Touraine, in France
while wan’dring alone, cool and carefree,
that my lover found her soul, as if by chance,
in that place of art, the Martinerie.
Bold and beautiful, brave and full of light,
she saw those tapestries as I see her:
images aglow, images aflight,
images of love, an oath to concur.
Am I that knight errant her patience sought,
my soul to join hers in that…

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Politics in the Classroom

Politics in the Classroom

Politics mentioned – observe the tension The worry is worn on faces unsure Still as detention, vast apprehension Who were you with? Were you with him or her?   Self-censorship peaking, voices suppressed Opinions are strong – all flex them at home Elephant in public, rude to address Guess it’s less stressful to have views…

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