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That Deer Doe!

Alright, so about two weeks ago or so I was nearly about to turn into the court to park when a doe and its mom wandered in front of my truck. They meandered through the middle of the road nice and slow without a care of how big my truck was. It didn’t bother me,… The post That Deer Doe! appeared first on BayArt.

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A   Q:” I broke down again, I know the problem is I don’t love myself enough. I totally collapsed and that feeling is so horrible!”   A:”I see and it’s okay 🙂   The ups and downs are part of the journey.   It’s very okay to have those… The post “I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

We are our choices

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ~Albus Dumbledore I wish I could live a few parallel lives to know the answer to “What If”. I’m sure many ask this question to themselves that what course their life would’ve taken if they had picked different paths… The post We are our choices appeared first on BayArt.

Doggone! That was Embarrassing!

I was young, maybe first grade, maybe not that old, I’m not sure.  I am pretty certain it was with my Royal Rangers group. Royal Rangers was the Boy Scouts clone at our church.  We did activities like camp-outs and had meetings and got in trouble for wanting to play and not do the serious… The post Doggone! That was Embarrassing! appeared first on BayArt.

Pursuit of Right Path

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” ― Gautama Buddha This quote by Buddha can be interpreted in different ways but it ignites the thought in my mind that ‘am I on the right path?’ We don’t really have free will until we are an adult because we do… The post Pursuit of Right Path appeared first on BayArt.

I really want to love myself… Q&A

Q: “I really want to love myself, I hate depending on others to make me feel loved.” A:” You are unique Emma (not the real name). Unique in a way that only you can be! No one else in this world can be who you are. You have unique and beautiful qualities and perhaps you… The post I really want to love myself… Q&A appeared first on BayArt.