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We are the same and yet…

“Real people are not just ideas…” – Kenya Barris What’s funny to me is that as many times as we try to connect, try to reach out to another, try to find a common ground… We are so often just either projecting our needs onto them and never realizing how far off base we are,… The post We are the same and yet… appeared first on BayArt.

Don’t stop the tears,let them roll

Don’t stop the tears,let them roll

Don’t stop the tears, just let them roll. We should allow ourself to be sad. Just observe our condition, just feel our presence all we need is someone to hug,someone to comfort,some shoulder to cry, someone to love . Some people don’t embrace us from outside The cuddle us from inside deep in side our soul, keep looking for those people. We should keep on creating that soul to soul relation .…

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You have worried a lot in past and you are still tense about what happened in past.
You plan a lot about your future you worry a lot about your future
You will die any moment, so stop planning too much and stop thinking about past.
You came crying in this world, you will go laughing from this world.
All alone

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