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Asian Video Firm HOOQ Gives Theatrical Release to ‘Saranair’

Comedy caper movie, “Saranair Love You” this weekend became the first movie backed by Asian streaming video firm HOOQ to receive a theatrical release in Thailand. The film was directed by Kiattisak Udomnak and produced in association with Tech Digital Corporation. It follows the adventures and misfortunes of two best friends, played by ‘Saranair Hen... Read more »


My beautiful image How I love you In your total unreality Filtered through A hundred lenses Of need and hope Guilded with dreams Moulded as a shield Against fear Against uncertainty Never undervalue Or underestimate The rarity of safety What precious lengths Can be called upon To secure this So precious jewel Was it offered…

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Mysterious Disappearance In Sequoia National Park

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — Police have located car parts that may belong to a vehicle driven by a missing couple in California’s Sequoia National Park.

Authorities say 31-year-old Yinan Wang and his wife 30-year-old Jie Song were last seen Aug. 6 in the park.

They were scheduled to return home to San Diego on Aug. 9, but never made it.

A Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy watching local television coverage of a different recovery effort of two Thai students in the Kings River has helped in the case.

On television, the deputy spotted a California license plate in the brush that he knew did not belong to Thai student’s car. A records check showed it is registered to a white Ford Focus driven by Wang and Song.

Deputies are now working a dual recovery effort. No bodies have been found.

Sony Launches its own Theatrical Distributors in SE Asia (EXCLUSIVE)

Sony Pictures Entertainment has terminated a longstanding theatrical releasing joint venture with Disney in South East Asia. In its place, the studio is launching four, new, country-specific distributors of its own. Sony is launching Sony Pictures Releasing units in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. It previously separated operations in The Philippines from the Disney joint venture... Read more »

Services Exports Open a New Path to Prosperity

Services Exports Open a New Path to Prosperity

By Prakash Loungani, Chris Papageorgiou, and Ke Wang

Services, which already account for 50 percent of world income and 70 percent of employment, are also becoming an important part of international trade. Services exports—accounting for nearly one fourth of total exports—have come to play a central role in the global economy, thanks in large part to advances in technology.

Rapidly declining…

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Thai Official Receives Hefty Jail Term For Bangkok Festival Corruption

Thai Official Receives Hefty Jail Term For Bangkok Festival Corruption

Juthamas Siriwan, the Thai official who took bribes from the U.S. organizers of the now-defunct Bangkok International Film Festival, has been sentenced to 50 years in jail for corruption. Siriwan was found guilty by the National Anti-Corruption Commission on Friday under abnormal wealth charges. Her trial took place today at the Central Criminal Court for… Read more »

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Two men arrested after Canadian attacked with machete in Thailand

Police in Thailand have arrested two men accused of slashing a Canadian man with a machete while trying to steal a gold necklace from his female companion last week.

Suspended in Time, Love and Kissing the Year Goodbye

Suspended in Time, Love and Kissing the Year Goodbye

Sunset_and_Moonset(Photo courtesy of European Southern Observatory (ESO))

The short time between Christmas and New Years is like a plane ride—there’s really no one looking for you, asking you to do much or cares whether you are asleep, reading a book and snacking on salty chips.

It’s a time of in between, when you exhale from over-indulgence and begin to turn your mind, ever so slightly, towards your life and…

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