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Weekly Smile Week 64 – fixed my phone myself

Weekly Smile Week 64 – fixed my phone myself

weekly smile

Weekly Smile Week 64 – fixed my phone myself As some of you know I just had to buy a new cell phone because my old one had no storage no matter what I deleted and that included all pictures and videos. Well the new phone started to do the same thing and was almost out of storage. Again I deleted everything and then noticed that my camera and photos were a hug amount. I panicked and got angry and…

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Our Spring Writing Contest

Our Spring Writing Contest

Entries must be in English.

Click HERE to enter a piece of work.

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Sark’s Journal and Playbook had a fun idea- choose some words from a list that describe you or how you would like to be thought of- okay, sounds like fun so  here I go:



I am






Anita Marie Moscoso


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Some notes on my word choices:


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*According to Miriam-Webster “uncanny”…

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It Really Was That Simple

It Really Was That Simple


Now days when something goes wrong, we hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete- or we pull the plug and reset.

Back in the day- we jiggled it.

We jiggled electrical cords, Rabbit Ears ( google it ), we jiggled our loose teeth and the handles on vending machines and with the right touch you could jiggle a pinball machine and score points. We jiggled the dials and buttons on our TV sets and phones.

We even jiggled…

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Lush – What do you think is Lush?

Lush – What do you think is Lush?

Lush: something that is luxurious, rich, attractive.

For a long time, I used to describe certain items and meals as lush. It was my way of expressing my love for something. And I still do it now, I just don’t use the term lush as much anymore – but it is still very relevant! So, here are a few things that I think are lush:

  • Chicken: I love chicken! When I was 12, my obsession with eating chicken…

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Light and Shade Challenge – February 3, 2017

Light and Shade Challenge – February 3, 2017

Light and Shade Challenge(Source: http://www.youtube.com/) “ data-medium-file=”“ data-large-file=”“ data-attachment-id="3566” data-permalink=“https://finallyawriter.com/2017/02/04/light-and-shade-challenge-february-3-2017/buildings/” data-orig-file=“https://finallyawriter.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/buildings.jpg?w=489&h=371” data-orig-size=“320,243” data-comments-opened=“1"…

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Not Today Not Anymore

Not Today Not Anymore


I learned to:

” Play nice, be fair, don’t worry your turn will come”

I was told:

” Sit down, be quiet, listen to other people- they have feelings to”

I was such a good student:

I  learned to hold the door open for everyone else and watched them pass through

with a smile on their face and a pat on my head as they strode through

head held high

Righteousness flowing through their veins a wild…

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It’s What I Do

It’s What I Do


Years ago  I had a nightmare that was so vivid, I remember not being able to fall back to sleep and to this day I still remember each dark image.

My Aunt who passed away years ago was teaching a dance class.

Each of the  student dancers had numbers written on their chests in yellow chalk.

They were dancing inside of a chalk circle on the floor and at first I thought of a clock. My  Aunt said, ”…

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The Unfriendly Home


One day it won’t matter

what my face looks like

not to me

not to you

not to the boy who followed me home from school

barking like a dog mooing like a cow.

To never  bring light

or a smile

to anybody’s face or eye

The flesh sitting on my bones

ignored, disregarded even by me.

Poor face, poor muscle, lonely soul

Forced  to live in an unfriendly home

Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

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Look Out Below


My last little nerve

that runs down my spine

snapped with a twang


hit me in the eye

My poor tired brain

tried to run away

from that angry little nerve

that burned for the last time today

My mouth wasn’t sorry

to see that little nerve go

It had wrapped itself around my tongue

and chocked off all of its words.

When my brain flexed

and it found my mouth and tongue

they all did a happy…

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