They Don’t Want You To Know This About Shakespeare

Everything you know about William Shakespeare is a lie! He didn’t exist. William Shakespeare is a fictional character. I have evidence that he did not exist. By that I mean, I have no evidence that he did exist. Same thing. A quick perusal of reliable, historical sources (Wikipedia) should convince you that I’m right. (Unless you’re anti-science in which case, nothing will convince you.) But if you need MORE evidence of no evidence…here it is.
“…actual documentation of his life is pitifully scarce: little more than several signatures, records of his marriage to Anne Hathaway and the birth of their children, a three-page will and some business papers unrelated to writing”

Case closed. Shakespeare was invented by men in power to control the gullible masses. The name ‘Shakespeare’ sent the sheep scurrying to buy theater tickets. Nobody questioned where the sonnets came from. They weren’t scientists! They were simple, superstitious folks who blindly accepted whatever they were told. Such rubes! It’s embarrassing to call them ‘ancestors’. The tragedy of Shakespeare’s hoax (see what I did there?) is that it grew. It spread, like a virus across Europe first… …then THE WORLD! Today, Shakespeare has parades, festivals, and even HOLIDAYS in his name. The Shakespeare brand rakes in truckloads of money. The organizers of Renaissance Fairs prey on the mindless disciples of ‘The Bard’. Swindling the dullards with empty promises. Intellectual honesty demands that I speak up. The lie ends here. There is no William Shakespeare. I’m sorry. I know this destroys your high school Lit. class indoctrination. But it’s important to know the truth. And while we’re at it… …Mark Twain wasn’t real either.

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A

“I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A   Q:” I broke down again, I know the problem is I don’t love myself enough. I totally collapsed and that feeling is so horrible!”   A:”I see and it’s okay 🙂   The ups and downs are part of the journey.   It’s very okay to have those… The post “I emotionally broke down again…” Q&A appeared first on BayArt.

Bay Area Boxing Champ Andre Ward Retires With 32-0 Record

OAKLAND (AP) — Light heavyweight champion Andre Ward is retiring from boxing with an undefeated record because he no longer has the desire to fight. The 33-year-old Ward released a statement on his website Thursday titled “Mission Accomplished.” He says his body now cannot withstand the “rigors of the sport,” and he shouldn’t keep fighting if he can’t give it his all. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has played a part in my journey. You know who you are. I could not have done this without you,” he wrote. “I want to be clear — I am leaving because my body can no longer put up with the rigors of the sport and therefore my desire to fight is no longer there. If I cannot give my family, my team, and the fans everything that I have, then I should no longer be fighting.” Alexander Brand v Andre Ward Ward is currently rated the best “pound for pound” boxer by Ring Magazine. But in an interview with ESPN’s First Take, he said he no longer wants to do the work to prepare for his bouts. “People see what I do fight night, they see under the lights, but they don’t see the toil, they don’t see the grind, they don’t see just the pain, the physical pain that you go through, not just in the fights, but to prepare and to get ready for those battles,” he told ESPN. “I felt the physicality of the sport, not just in the ring stuff, but the training and the preparation, start to take its toll on me for the last two or three years and I bit down and continued to push through and at this point, it’s time and I know it’s time.” Ward has won all 32 of his fights, with 16 knockouts. He won the Olympic gold medal as a light heavyweight in 2004. Ward won the WBA super middleweight title in 2009 when he defeated Mikkel Kessler and unified that title in 2011 when he beat Carl Froch in the Super Six super middleweight tournament final. Ward then battled shoulder problems that kept him out of the ring and later went 19 months without a fight because of a protracted legal dispute with his former promoter, the late Dan Goosen. Ward got back in the ring in June 2015. He won the light heavyweight title in a disputed, unanimous decision against Sergey Kovalev in November 2016, taking all three belts in the process. Ward then beat Kovalev more decidedly in a rematch in June that was stopped in the eighth round. “Andre Ward ends his boxing career as he only knew how to live it — as a champion at the top,” HBO executive vice president Peter Nelson said. “To watch Ward was to marvel at constant mastery of craft in the ring, to say nothing of his being the consummate role model outside it. The Hall of Fame will be lucky to have him.” HBO said Ward will work as an analyst for its boxing broadcasts. © Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Fergie Talks Emotional, Autobiographical New Album

By Hayden Wright This last year has been a time of personal upheaval and creative rejuvenation for Fergie, whose sophomore solo album Double Dutchess drops tomorrow.  Not only has this new release been years in the making (her debut solo album Dutchess was released in 2006) but last week the former Black Eyed Peas singer announced her separation from husband Josh Duhamel. Related: Fergie and Josh Duhamel Announce Separation Fergie sat down with Us Weekly and described her “emotional” and “autobiographical” new music, which draws inspiration from her personal life. “There’s a few emotional songs on this album. I mean, I cry in a couple of the videos, so there’s definitely tears that were let out,” she said. “Two of the emotional songs are ‘Love is Pain’ [and] ‘Save it Till the Morning.’ Those are ones that I definitely tear up in the video.” Fergie said her album’s visuals will offer a cinematic take on the lyrical content of Double Dutchess. “It went deep,” she added. “A lot of them took very much from autobiographical experiences and the video and visuals got to play with larger than life, movie magic. It’s a lot of hard work.”

So, The Equifax Hack Actually Started Back In March

Two weeks ago, credit agency Equifax announced an unprecedented breach of consumer personal data where records for 143 million customers in the United States alone were stolen. Equifax told the world that it discovered the breach in July, and it began in May. Turns out that the second half of that statement isn’t quite true.

Memo leak

The Wall Street Journal obtained a confidential memo to Equifax from the company investigating the breach, FireEye’s Mandiant group, which details when the hackers gained access to Equifax’s systems. Intruders used the Apache Struts vulnerability, which was discovered in March 2017, to gain access to the Equifax system in March, not in May as previously stated. While the theft of data took place sometime between May and when Equifax learned about the breach in July, the baddies were moving about in Equifax’s systems undetected, even creating backdoors on secret web pages so they could log in from anywhere even after the breached IDs were discovered and stopped working. The March access may have been information-gathering missions to find out which areas of the system are vulnerable to attacks, and could have been an effort on the part of the hackers to to cast a wide net and find websites that hadn’t yet been patched after the vulnerability was discovered. After gaining access to Equifax’s web interface, the hackers went after the sensitive data like Social Security numbers, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers, Equifax left that back door open for four months even after a patch became available. It normally takes around 100 days for companies to go public about a breach, and Equifax took 140 days.

What the experts still don’t know

The person or group behind the attack still hasn’t been identified, but we do now know that their methods and tools don’t match up with any other group known to be hacking sites for personal gain now. It’s also not clear what the hackers plan to do with the data. To find out whether you were affected, visit the official Equifax site at Just be careful not to fall for one of the hundreds of fakes out there.

UPDATE: Company Apologizes To Customer Who Found Employee ID Badge In Her Jerky

Earlier this week, we brought you the tale of a Consumerist reader who was stymied by the presence of what appeared to be an employee ID badge in a bag of beef jerky she’d purchased. After our story ran, the company reached out to our reader with apologies for her “very negative experience” and something of an explanation about what happened. Kim tells Consumerist that she received an email from an Oberto executive who apologized not only for the “unacceptable product quality” she’d received, “but also for our lack of response despite your attempt to contact us directly.” “This is not at all acceptable and we are relooking at our processes in both manufacturing and how we address these issues with Oberto consumers,” the executive wrote, adding that he has brought the issue to the company’s head of operations as well as the CEO. “Further steps are being put in place that ensures this won’t happen again,” he wrote. Despite the lack of communication, he says her issue was forwarded to the appropriate people and the incident was investigated. The team found that the badge did, in fact, belong to an Oberto employee, “and that employee was not following proper badge protocol at the time of the incident.” The executive says he learned that the worker has since left the company, but did not elaborate. “As I stated above, we take this incident as well as the lack of communication with great gravity,” he wrote. In closing, he offered Kim a $50 gift card and an assortment of jerky, as well as a return shipping label for the original product. “Thanks again for your original purchase, and hopefully you will give our beef jerky another chance,” he wrote. Kim tells Consumerist that she thinks the gift card is “fair recompense,” and says she’s grateful they finally responded.
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