Why Smart People Don’t Worry About The Earth

Maybe you’ve heard the news.

Humans are filling the atmosphere with carbon and the Earth is doomed.

Maybe you’ve made drastic changes to your lifestyle in order to reduce your carbon output.

Ha! Hahahaha! Haaahahahahahahhaaaa!

Just kidding.

Nobody does that.

But in the midst of your hypocrisy may be some despair.

Climate change research is some of the highest quality propaganda to ever brainwash mankind.

Charts and graphs lend credibility to the notion that icebergs melt because cows fart.

If you find the thought of extinction unsettling, I have some advice for you:

Be not afraid.

God determines the climate on Earth, not us.

The sea levels don’t rise against His will.

If you don’t believe in God and find the thought of extinction unsettling, I have some advice for you:

Be not stupid.

Remember, evolution is an unguided process.

Humans have successfully adapted to thrive anywhere on the planet.

The result will be the destruction of said planet.

No big deal.

We weren’t intended to be here in the first place.

Did you think the mindless machinations of evolution would preserve human beings forever?

Ha! Hahahaha! Haaahahahahahahhaaaa!

You’re a moron.

Smart people don’t worry about the Earth.

Whether they believe in God or not, they know the Earth is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Smart people know power-hungry politicians, activists, and experts can’t make rain.

And nobody can stop cows from farting.

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